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For high speed and accuracy in each process, we have developed computer database system that links all data in the organization together. Therefore, errors in communication have been reduced, especially between the office and the factory, and we also response customer need at a higher speed and a greater accuracy.


From our sincere intention to ensure customer satisfaction, we have continuously been developing our organization in every single part including computer system, quality management system, employee training system, and high-technology machineries.

Since our executives believe that human resource is the worthiest resource, we have shared annual budget especially for employee training both internal and external training to increase both technical abilities and managing skills of employees. Thus, all employees have excellent necessary skills for their jobs.

From employee qualitative training, everyone in our organization always realizes the word “quality of products”. That is why our company can easily get ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, we use highly precise measuring equipment in quality control in every process. Furthermore, we never stop to develop and install high technology machines to produce our high-quality products for our customers.

Now, you would be able to see that all customers are constantly impressed by the best service since the beginning till the end of the entire processes.

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