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Pongsilp Plastic Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing flexible packages for more than 10 years following the principles of creating products at the best qualities and satisfying all wants of every customer.


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We are unquestionably confident in ensuring customers satisfaction guaranteed by
ISO 9001:2008 in both printing and packaging.

Our organization began with producing plastic packages using gravure printing machines and various converting machines. Then we researched and succeeded in manufacturing heat-shrinkable film for the first time in Thailand. In the present, we always keep on developing and searching for new technologies to be brought and used in the company. Moreover, we have recruited employees who have professional skills and specialized abilities to join our business. In customer service, we have installed the tools with the latest technology including both hardware and software into our organization to respond customers needs with high accuracy and speed for the most effective communication. In production, we have brought machines with greatly advanced technology. Furthermore, we have also got devices which ensure the qualities during the production for the products to completely satisfy customers with the great qualities we create.

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